Friday, August 6, 2010


How many PALACES in Paris ? : 7 ! Waow !
How many due to open in the next years to come ?: 4 grand ones !

ROYAL MONCEAU-RAFFLES on avenue Hoche ( interior design  by Philippe Starck, also at LE MEURICE)
- SHANGRI-LA at Place d'Iéna
- MANDARIN ORIENTAL just steps away from LE BRISTOL on rue Saint -Honoré ( Ouh! would you call that competition ? )
- PENINSULA PARIS HOTEL in 2 years on the avenue Kléber.

God ! Too many options for just a few days !
So, may I be so blunt as to make a few suggestions for just 1 day ? .... Let's go !

Paradise in Paris starts as early as :

- 9 o'clock with Café-croissant on the garden-terrace of the FOUQUET'S BARRIERE: The Champs-Elysées are still slitghly asleep except for a few bankers of HSBC just a block away; but who cares !!
The sun is there and you may even still sleep in between a few bites of your Brunch.
46 avenue Georges V
75008 Paris
01 40 69 60 00
Brunch: 46 €

- 12.30 with lunch at LE MEURICE just to savour Yannick Alléno's perfect 3 Michelin stars cuisine. The man is gorgeous and so is his food ! No more details; just go. Philippe STARCK'S interior design all glam in white and gold: makes YOU glam ! That's all we want ! Don't we ?!
228 rue de Rivoli
75001 Paris
01 44 58 10 10
Menu: 78 € (without any wine... Da !)

I don't give a dam of what you may or may not do in that wonderful day of yours, but I would suggest a little venture or "ad"venture in a few shopping meccas along the rue Saint Honoré as you might as well go on foot to ....

The PLAZA ATHENEE for 5 o'clock tea !
Disastrously delicious patisseries from Christophe MICHALAK will make you a queen in that delicate and precious Galerie des Gobelins.
25 avenue Montaigne
75008 Paris
01 53 67 66 65
pâtisserie from 16 €

Still a little hungry ? No wonder ! What a hard day's work .
- Dinner is ready at the FOUR SEASONS GEORGE V. Safe ! Stomach was already grumbling .
CINQ : not 5 courses, rather  5 stars, and 5 zeros in euros, well, maybe, depends on what wine you long for.
Eric Briffard will simply stun you; there is no other word. Indulge !
31 avenue George V
75008 Paris
01 49 52 71 54
menu: 160 € without a drop of wine and forget about the cigar ! Whisky in the bar !

Your night isn't over yet ; there again, I don't give a dam if you're a bit tired !
Head for the RITZ at 10pm :
- Velvet sofas and electro sounds are all yours.
This is "the " place where quite a bunch of pariisians hang out nowadays.
38 rue Cambon
75001 Paris
01 43 16 30 30
drinks from 30 €

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