Monday, August 23, 2010

Instead of grueling over the stupid fact that to loose 2 lbs of fat you need to loose a mere 8000 calories, which is, there's no other word, the end of the world, why don't we set up for a NEW YOU YEAR ?
( Anyway, thank God diets don't work, otherwise, by this time,we would be a size zero ! )

So, a NEW YOU YEAR : sounds terrific to me ! But how do we go about it, honey sweety pie ?

First thing : enjoy the  promise and pleasure of brewing coffee with its subtle and spicy aroma surrounding your delicate nostrils little by little.

While enjoying that totally free moment of yours, sipping that wonderful Brazilian arabica, let your thoughts wander towards all what you would wish yourself if you had the best of horoscopes to read.

A melting - pot of new exhibits to discover, a few new places to explore, several restaurants to try, the new stores to test... We could go all day long with the list. But we'll get to there !

May I suggest jotting down in your agenda THE TOP SEPTEMBER EXHIBITS ?


- 4 GREAT PHOTOGRAPHERS at  MAISON EUROPEENNE DE LA PHOTOGRAPHIE from September 8th till October 31st, 2010

  "Le Monde en Marche" by
Fabien CHALON ( 51 years old) : this gigantic and activated work of art is in Gare du Nord since June 2008 and strikes  time with all sorts of enigmatic and animated special effects...

Karl LAGERFELD : no presentation needed I believe .
Given to see his works, a teeny weetsy bit of his work : portraits, fashion, sites and architecture.


Kimiko YOSHIDA ( 48 years old)
"Là où je ne suis pas" : autoportraits from her 1st
brides to "Paints".

Kimiko is a Japanese artist who now lives in France. Her mother had thrown her out into the street when she was 3 and she left with as sole object, her treasure box. She took refuge in a public park to be found by the local police. Since then, she has always felt a nomad, a fugitive. No wonder !

Her "Mary-me" selection of porttraits comes straight from her love as a child to invent bride gowns for her dolls.

Ernestine RUBEN and Mi JONG LEE

5/7 rue de Fourcy - 75004 PARIS
01 44 78 75 00
Metro: Saint Paul, Pont Marie
From Wednesday to Sunday from 11am to 8 pm. 6,50 €

( see note further down in another message)

- ANGKOR'S ARCHEOLOGISTS at Musée CERNUSCHI from September 10th 2010  till January 2nd, 2011

Since 1907 l'Ecole Française d'Extreme Orient has been at work in the restauration of one of Aman's resort neighbour ! Angkor, who used to be in another life one of the biggest metropolis of Asia was covered up and untirely invaded by the jungle in the XVIth century:
- playing hide and seek with tigers or what ? Gotcha !
-or passionnate love affair between Trees and Stones ? Guess who won ?
Well not who you think ! This is exactly what one will see in this 108 photo exhibit: : the gigantic excavation works started in 1943 which will end in... March 2011 ! And from there will resurrect the mountain sized temple of Baphuon.

7 avenue Vélasquez - 75008 PARIS
01 53 96 21 50
Every day except Tuesday from 10am to 6pm.

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