Thursday, September 30, 2010


Darling kiddoes in school, now it's your turn to live fully while you're here . Have fun, be crazy, be weird,. Go out, have a good time, screw up ! You're going to anyway, so you might as well enjoy the process !

And as every day may not be good, there's always something good in every day .

So along Girls, PARIS is right there for you .

Here a bunch of things to do :

- Early morning, kids in school :
grab a seat at one of Paris's sunny terraces with your favourite magazine ( let " Les Echos" for the other buddies, anyway you wouldn't  understand a thing, would you ? Only kidding !) , order with a big ultrabright smile a "café allongé" and listen to your own inner silence, or if it's too dull, poor you, head for a few lines of your magazine. When I say inner silence, I mean taking the time to enjoy what you are doing... nothing. Well, it happens !

For the hearty ones who ran "La Parisienne" I would have suggested taking  a run through Paris along the Seine from Trocadero to the far end of Ile Saint Louis via Les Tuileries : you'll be dead by the end, but Gosh, how incredible : you'll run from one century to another in a matter of paces. May I advise you to have great music deafening your ears as the horrendous noise of morning traffic doesn't fit the image of such a ride.

Kind of neat .

if you feel a little romantic,head for the exhibit " RUBENS, POUSSIN ET LES PEINTRES DU XVIIe": it will do you a world of good .

"Paysage de ruines avec un berger"

If you feel in a more exotic mood , why not head for "BABA BLING- SIGNES INTERIEURS DE RICHESSE A SINGAPOUR" at the Musée Branly.

Nothing to do with the queen of bling-bling Paris Hilton, if need be to name her, but much more to do with the luxurious houses and outfits of the Chinese Malaysian people , the Petranakan , of the end of the 19th century.

                                                                   The Petranakan

Lunch time :
THIOU would do nicely, not that far, just on the way.

And as the hours tic, wouldn't it be soothing to go to the movies: "AMORE" sounds quite fascinating with the astounding Tilda Swindon.

And before hitting home, why don't you make a last stop at the florist and buy your favourite flowers, for once, you'll really like them, YOU chose them ! Nasty .

Good evening Girls !


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