Sunday, September 19, 2010


Le ROI SOLEIL, alias, Louis XIV,  used to be THE king of Versailles. Well, at least this is how French history was told to scholars. Over Honey ! Another century, another story.
Now the KING is no other than MURAKAMI ( Japanese, well, yes ! Anything can happen these days at Versailles : see Jeff KOONS and his huge lobster squatting the King's drawing room; what could be worse ?!) .
So, it is that damn publicised and Louis Vuitton pattented MURAKAMI who has taken over. Darling Louis XIV  must be flabbergasted by what is happening to his own sweet home ! why don't you move over ? Can't you see that all those Contemporary Art freaks want your place, your home, your fame, as if they didn't have enough.

Let's put aside once and for all any kind of debate on such easy exhibits and please do go and see MURAKAMI as King of VERSAILLES; if not for him, at least for the palace !

September 14th - December 12th 2010
Place d'Armes - Versailles
01 30 83 78 00

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