Sunday, October 24, 2010


There again a medley of what I could find as most "Contemporary" at ART ELYSEES .

Russia as you'll probably will never see it or then you have quite a problem with your eye sight.
Sorry no good ophtalmologist in my adress book. Spa adresses I have, Vintage shops too... but doctors, no fun . No use.

Collages but on thin boards all hanging from the top and  moving at the touch of your hand.

You are gulped in. So many details to look at. Good game for your kids too. Should take it with you on road trips and ask to find such and such little detail. Only a few thousands dollars Honey... What wouldn't we do for our children... to keep them out of  mischief and quarels.

Peeking inside an apartment building in 3D.

Peeking into an office building without the 3D.

How can 2 pieces of wood exude such tenderness, such love ? Tell me....
Look at her, she's desperate for that kiss, almost imploring for it .

And there my little old lady , wrinkles and all. I'd love to give her a kiss.

Well, maybe I wouldn't give HIM a kiss, just aknowledge his beauty. That's enough.

And she's my "GRANDE DAME".
A princess.
Every morning on my way to work, I see my Grande Dame, I say "Hello, good day to you !" She's like us, different every day, sometimes still quite in the limbs of sleep with her head all hazy, sometimes wide awake and seems to have already gone jogging and ready for an active day.
She's having a bit of Botox right now after the big brown lifting she had last year. You can't imagine how many people take good care of her; more than me anyway. Ask

Wrong, it isn't Franck Gehri and his new Louis Vuitton building in the Parc d'Acclimatation.
It is from Isabelle GIROLLET . You can see more of her art work at the "Images de Fer" gallery.

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