Monday, October 18, 2010


Is my mind all sane tonight ?

It's OK it's BASQUIAT.

The "so early - talented BASQUIAT popped up into this world just 2 days before Xmas 1960 from a Haitian father and Porto Rican mum; at 14 he went back to Porto Rico.

"Same Old Shit" became his signature ( that's inventive; I hardly see my boss finding it amusing  my replying to my clients with a loud and clear Same Old Shit; I guess I'll leave it to that genius of Basquiat)

basquiat.jpg basquiat e il gatto image by michelinobomboklat

Just a kid on the block. But died of accidental overdose at 27.

Serious, concentrated.

Hung around with Andy ( Warhol), Keith (Haring), Klaus (Nomi), David (Bowie) at the Mudd Club. Same old shit, right again ?

A figure of the emerging counter culture of New York, I invite you to discover so much more at Le Musee d'Art Moderne.

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