Friday, October 22, 2010


FIAC 2010 is an excellent "cru", "belle et sexy" as says Beaux - Arts. Quite true but also very bling bling.

A little mix of this year's fun Fiac.

Sequins, colours, collages.
Out of the 640 "wannabes" only 194 actually "are", that's called skimming. Like skimmed milk. I am talking about the galeries of course.

The result, a hush along the alleys, wider spaces, less mic mac.


Don't even ask me for the prices. They are outrageous. No crisis on that planet.

Recognize Opie ?

This beautiful black masterpiece should be bought by Baccarat. In fact, this painting with somewhat of Soulages's inspiration  is the 2nd one in the Fiac's 1st days; one has already been sold in wee hours and it happened that the artist had another one just very freshly painted but in fact, still hardly dry: that is the one you see on the picture.

This is not a photograph; it is a painting. Very trendy for our parisian appartments.

I have to admit that I have taken the habit of enjoying VIP service ! "Coupe-file" ticket, welcomed on board the Grand Palais liner by gorgeous half Russian half French young and smiling Katia RAYMONDAUD of ARTPASHION, all clad in her blue turquoise Burberry trench and high up on her Gucci shoes,  who will glide you down the alleys of the FIAC like on a magic carpet giving you all the "inside" info you should know, saying "Hello" here and there to a few galerists, making you feel the SUPER VIP. That's the ONLY way to go about it; just try, you'll see !

No lost time, and all her flair to let you browse and all the professional advice you need to be an accurate buyer.
A last stop at the VIP Lounge with a fresh glass of champagne in hand, a few anecdotes, and you already want to follow her to Carré du Louvre and for a whole tour of the Marais galeries. Her clients come all the way  from Australia, not minding a bit the hell of a trip and the thousands of miles of flying even First Class, believe me !

or contact Katia at KR@artpashion

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