Monday, October 18, 2010


Fit and Healthy in 6 minutes a day. Never said that you'll turn into a thin asparagus sprig, nor that your wobbly skin will become a mere souvenir. Didn't say that at all.  

But, none the less, 6 minutes a day and in the most incredible places, that should strike anybody's mind !

In bed, under the shower, with just a towel... no escape possible Girls !

The rule of rising in the morning is normally "jump out of bed like a jumping jack" but experience has taught us that a reasonable transition between immobility and activity is the best way to avoid bad surprises.

So start first with the delicious smell and promise of brewing coffee gently served in bed by your Darling ( I'll let you name "the" darling in question; it can change every week if need be !).

A good reading of a few lines of positive thinking :

" I intend to live forever. So far, so good." Well, maybe this is too much on the positive side of life, let's try a little milder one for the beginning of the week:
"We'll love you just the way you are if you're perfect." Agh ! Damn too hard that one.
"Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment." Oprah Winfrey is always right, isn't she ?
And we can finish off with another of hers :
" You CAN have it all. You just can't have it all AT ONCE." Yeah ! That suits me; hope you too.

Attitude starts early .

So, you're still in bed and you can start off with Nicholas KOUNOVSKY's 1st coaching advice. STAY IN BED !

Below are a serie of 5 exercises defined to give you endurance, suppleness, strenght etc..

For your endurance :
Follow the picture: legs outstretched ( thank God your husband left, it would look like an invitation !) , inhale.
Slowly move your right arm to the left across your chest. ( That could be seen as "not today Darling")
Simultaneously bend your left knee and bring it to the right across your body.
Alternate arms and legs.

6 times on each side.

 For your suppleness :

Flat on your back, legs together and your body loose.
Inhale deeply.
Slowly bend your left knee, grasp and hug it with both hands, gently pulling it toward your body as you exhale.
Release your leg and do the same on the other side.

6 times on each side.

For your equilibrium :

Sitting on the bed, arms back, leaning on your outstretched hands, slowly bend one knee and raise one arm.
Then, lift both feet off the bed, raise both arms ( that's when you fall backwards; the hell with equilibrium !) and try to balance on your (super cow wide) hips from ten to thirty seconds ! I've just found  an excuse...  my "princess" mattress is far too soft for that kind of exercise.
Return slowly to a sitting position and repeat.

Remenber Sweety, 6 times on each side. No cheating ! The figure on the picture should convince you enough...

Bum Bum exercise .

For your strength:

Lie in bed ( after a 12 hours sleep I feel like kicking out of bed ) with hands clasped behind your neck, knees bent, feet apart.
Slowly, pressing with your feet, raise your hips while gently arching your back.
Inhale going up, exhale coming down.
( A hell of a butt with that one, I bet !)

For your speed :

Leaning back on your elbows, bending the knees with feet off the bed, imitate the motion of a Velib riding.
Breathe deeply ( didn't say sigh).
Repeat several times, accelerating the tempo to improve leg velocity.

Nothing to do with scratching your head. It's far more serious then that.

For your coordination :

Arms back, leaning on your hands, inhale deeply.
Simultaneously place your right hand on the back of your head and bend your left knee.
Now, try to reach your left knee with your right elbow or, if you are a tough cookie, with your shoulder.
Come back to the original position.
Inhale and repeat on the opposite side.

6 times.


Good day to you !!

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