Thursday, October 28, 2010


Autumn is a time to rejoice; not yet Winter, so time to adjust to worse weather ( rain, freezing temperatures, ice on the sidewalk, well; simple: it has a name: HELL !) but mainly time to enjoy your home; to enjoy all those chocolate and aubergine colours. In fact, a perfect time to recoil in a cool and easy way with no stress.

 All inspirations are worthwhile and a trend setter chart is a splendid way to head towards this end of year. You know why ? We've decided to make it the BEST year we've ever had. Don't ask me who "We" are but we're quite a bunch ! Just like you.

This picture was taken in a Turkish palace. A little travelling doesn't do any harm, does it ?

Hydrangeas in the old pink colours are an invocation of Fall. Dried , they make wonderful natural bouquets. It all stands in where and how you place them at home: either it sounds dreadfull and smells psychologically  like " dust" and you're almost half dead or it is wisely placed ... and it is SO  contemporary ! I will let you have all the subtlety needed; I'm sure you'll make it without my help !

I know I can't fool you, we're in a fabulous Lodge... but no one said we couldn't indulge at that time of year ! Well, that's Namibia or South Africa... Don't even bare the thought that I might give you that precious address !! I'll keep it to myself ! Just send a comment and be sure I'll give you the address and the best way to get there ... FAST !

I was just letting you in on more of warm chocolate hues for  Autumn.  Inspiration .

Back to good old Paris with its own tones of warmth for the Autumn season. Doesn't it feel cosy ?

Lazying in the sofa: a good book in hand like "The Russian Concubine" . A candlelight ( chocolate colour best) on the coffee table, lounge music as the one you're listening to right now on this "IrresistibleParis" blog and you're all set. I'll be terrible and suggest a glass of Limoux which is a great  French white wine with all the flavours of good old down Californian  Chardonnay . Irresistible of course. About 15 € the bottle...  who cares as long as it tastes like heaven ?

Inspiring ?

Forgot to set the table to the Autumn hues: that sounds quite like Fall.

Ooh ! Already bed time, no......... can't be. But we'll keep it in mind, seems quite subtle. And cosy.

Who could resist Autumn tones like those ?
Have a close look at Cindy's perfect skin and gleaming glow and keep the picture in your bathroom, or kitchen, or bed side, or well, EVERYWHERE ; I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to copy that look : warm, comfortable and fresh. No pretense. Perfect for the coutryside, perfect for that long week-end. ... I don't dare say that I like it for every day life, here, in Paris.
I'll try it; promise. I'll take pictures; promise.
And let you in on the recap. ( Ouh ! I better look good !) 

I'm sure Revlon could be of help. I'll give you more update on the fabulous Fall make up looks this week-end when I'll get through all the pages of ALLURE and other magazines. See you on Sunday for more counselling. Can't wait !

Darling GRANDE DAME wasn't in great shape this morning : slightly in her embedded dreams, Sweety. We love her nonetheless.

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