Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Thought you were in your new home... Sorry, it's only the RAFFLES PARIS !

" Madame, bienvenue" as you are welcomed on the threshold of well ... why not ... your new Hang Out.

Philip STARCK, who stands up firmly as one of the creators in that new revolution of super luxury hotels wants YOU to feel "comme chez soi". Fine with me !

Except that at my own cosy little place  there is no red carpet, no "Madame, bienvenue", no
20 000 € suite whatsoever, even though I love my own bedroom and all .
 And for sure, no 5 restaurants to choose from, let alone a real cinema. Dommage !

Thank God they're opening the super spa in a few months. Gives me time to shape up.

Philip STARCK made it a mix of ethnic chic mixed with arty pieces: always his magic touch. Thank You Monsieur Starck, you are a genius of our time and you don't even brag about it.

The RAFFLES PARIS opened its doors 2 days ago. Check it out, be the first to browse through its Painting  & Design library.

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