Wednesday, October 6, 2010


As a U.S  citizen , I have received on my mobile , as many of you probably  have, serious warning on terrorist threats over Europe and mainly France.

For once, we'll try not to fool around and not to pick the Champs-Elysées Mac Donalds for your next date, nor go snorkeling down the Chatelet Station, nor try on half a thousand pair of boots at the Galeries Lafayette.

Quiet time for a little while until it all settles down or until we get seriously bored with all that hastle.

Another suggestion : off to OUESSANT, the furthest away from Europe or is it still Europe ? There you bet nothing can even get to you, you can hardly get there in the 1st place !
An hour and a half of Russian mountains ride on the sea-beating "Enez Eussa" , known to get through by all means and by all types of weather, there you go, no need to be scared then !!! Ugh ! Staying out on the deck of that ferry is the perfect equivalent of standing under the shower with the water full blast ! Bonus: a cold you'll never be able to forget !

I'll be giving you more on that awsome island , once my cold will be over ! OUESSANT : a pure gem, to be reckoned with before Fall let's us down for Winter.

Take care !

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