Sunday, October 10, 2010


How would it feel to impress your friends and let them spread the word you're a divine cook ?

Easy as a bee, follow these steps:

- "Impress" starts with decorum and not only are you a great cook as imaginative as Darling Jamie ( Jamie Oliver, who else ?) but you're even an empress in Interior Decoration ( see my list of favourites in "INSPIRATION" if you're lost) .

A whole rack of black small candles ( from Potiron) right on the floor all aligned against the wall of your hall will set the mood to raven colours ; lit them up Sweety... and you thought that was easy !

Grey undercloth on your table, black linen tablecloth on top , 5 or 6 big rocks collected on any beach ( yes, being a smart hostess does require a bit of organization, ugh ! ) right in the center of your table and among them, here again, black candles will set an unusual and dramatic setting.

Grey presentation plates covered with your regular white plates will do the trick as long as you japanese it with  black rolled napkins jotted accross the white plates. See picture and ... copy.

With a square sleet plate on the side for the bread you will give your table a zen finish while with tall cristal glasses for wine and round water glasses will give it a contemporary edge.

Browsing through the pages of any of Kelly Hoppen's books will give you some more inspiration.

Colours are exceptionnal

Anoushka HEMPEL'S strongly architectured concept of table elegance at the BLAKES's hotel in London.

One of the decorator MISHA'S table decors,
strong Chinese inspiration straight from SHANGHAI.

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