Wednesday, November 24, 2010

26 .........

Rather suspect , that number out of nowhere. You're yet to be surprised.

26 is a concept :
- 26 rooms
- 26 letters
- 26 authors
- 26 texts.
We are talking about the 1st literary hotel in Paris : LE PAVILLON DES LETTRES.
In such a literary city, how come nobody  thought of it earlier  ?
Well, there it is.

Photo - Le concept

Truly timeless, the Pavillon des Lettres combines the art of writing and the aesthetics of the decoration to pay homage to the known and hidden talents of both French and international literature.

In the image of the 26 letters of the alphabet, the rooms and suites of the Pavillon des Lettres reveal the beauty and poetry of the various authors.
Behind each door hides the spirit of a poet, a writer, an impassioned virtuoso, a genius, which will give a special atmosphere to the room, ( in case you have no imagination yourself !) So, no fear of getting bored with Darling husband. But oh ! God, you better like "words" ! There even on the walls.

And because sleep feeds on beautiful images, the guiding spirit of these texts seeks its source in the imaginary of the night, dreams and poetry. Better than the imagery of a cold super huge supermarket .

Didier Benderli, the unusual decorator, summarises his work as an alliance of the arts, combining literature, painting and sculpture to create a subtle dialogue . Interplay of colours and materials, the concept involves setting of raw materials against silky and sensual materials in order to create physical sensations that complement the intellectual pleasure of reading.

You can even settle down comfortably in the Salon and starts writing your own novel :
" Once upon a time blablabla." That's an interesting start !

Le Pavillon des Lettres
12, rue des Saussaies
75008 Paris
+ 33 (01) 49 24 26 26

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