Thursday, November 25, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving to all !!

I still have in mind the terrible sight of me last year, same day, as I had ordered a turkey at my butcher's without really realizing the weight of the Beast !!! I remember myself carrying  that Enormously round and super heavy bird ( talk of a bird !!!) in my arms but I just Couldn't hold it in my arms ! I couldn't call anybody for help; I was in total loss , but I couldn't face either the fact that I was just a dumb piece of shit ! So I just stopped every 5 meters for breath . But I finally made it !

I "HAD" to invite a few more friends over so that that bloody turkey wouldn't feel ridiculous on the huge platter as big as my kitchen. All right, I do have a small kitchen... and small oven.

Remember Rowan Atkinson with HIS turkey; well I looked silly enough when I realized before my Frenchman of a husband that not only couldn't I get the weight right but couldn't get the Beast in the oven !!! I had to let the door open ! Does that look and sound very American ? No, for sure !

Never mind all those mishaps. We all enjoyed it, fully , as I had made a point of pouring the sauce over the body of that scoundrel every so often to make sure that it would melt under the  tongue. It did .

In fact, my address is not that bad for a Turkey. I mean the actual fowl, not me, Thank you !

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving ! A very special Thanksgiving to my family in Maine ! We love them dearly !

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Anonymous said...

Your family in Maine loves you all too! I laughed very hard this morning reading about last year's turkey mishaps! We are in the middle of a snow storm, so it was just the thing I needed!