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I could call it "Portrait de Rue" .

Rue de PASSY is one of PARIS's fun streets one enjoys strolling on :  quite a kingdom for shoes ( more than 7 stores) , "it" and not "it" bags from Darel to Le Tannneur (ugh!) , clothes of all kinds: it caters the "bourgeoise" the "mother and daughter" couple like in the Comptoir des Cotonniers ads ( the brand must have invented it for that street I bet !) , costume jewellery , interior decoration for the Thirtysomething, fragrances and cosmetics for all ages,  a few cool joints for a snack or a coffee, lovely girls to look at, in all, a lively atmosphere but also a place where you have everything at hand.
So  convenient to live nearby.

Let me be your guide along the Rue de Passy.

We'll start by the all-round Place du Costa Rica : no palm tree in sight, no lush countryside at hand, but a huge Armani billboard wall ad  to let you in the know that it is either Armani or nothing. Armani isn't even close by; so let us be, Mr Armani.

CARLIN : every little silly thing for your desk, for your "it" bag is there: Hello Kitty stuff, all kinds of brain books, papers in all colours: heaven.
Carlin the welcome home of  knick knacks to play with; such as phone covers: I'm dying to have a diamond one

Rue de PASSY has gained very recently a strong tendency to go GREY. All kinds of grey. It has also gained a bad  tendency to mix nice trendy boutiques with real shitty ones so cheap you wonder where you ended up.
That's life I presume !

MATSURI, MANDARINE, PASSY HOTEL, ETAM, DJULA, COS, LE TANNEUR and many more... have all turned to grey.
At least it really makes no difference against the paved street.Specially on a rainy day.

If you feel too miserable already by my small talk stop by  the Cave de Passy and try their excellent white Limoux which holds in its depth ( the bottle's or your glasses's ?) all the Chardonnay fruity flavours .

VILLA  PASSY, next to the local Blockbuster is a friendly and simple joint to have a light lunch or outside dinner; in  warm weather, you could even pretend the courtyard is your own.
And they'll serve you the best Club Sandwich on the street with a super juicy coleslaw.  Worth it !

A little magic .
The Ali Baba treasure cave by excellence ! Ouh ! All that turquoise ! Looks like that all so blue "House of Turquoise" blog that you'll find in my favourites. It's all at the ENTREPOT where obviously Xmas will be slightly turquoise this year !

A little silver will add some depth  and contour. Whenever you're looking for a present dash straight to the ENTREPOT and you're sure to find a little something right in the perfect colour to suit your guest. They also carry the Geodesis candles which last so long and are of such quality and such a change from the omnipresent Diptyque. Depends if you're in the mood not to follow the herd !

And talking about colour, there's your colour friend : ultimate finds, like Stila and Benefit :

all at SEPHORA, the King of Make-Up who makes you a Queen ! ouh ! That's an easy one . And rather stupid, I admit ! Sorry Girls.

Always fun to notice their colour marketing scheme ranging from dark pinks for women's perfumes, to blue for men's and green for skin cosmetics. Instead of having your nose furrowed right into the beauty counter hold it up a little and look up at "the SEPHORA codes" .

New T-shirt every so often worn by the beauty counsellors; so studied. And owning their gold card, so more enhancing then that awful green basic "vitale" card, you always have the feeling of gaining  something free... every time. So.... indulge freely !

Don't you feel like becoming that old 12 year old girl you used to be not so long ago when you see that counter ?
Makes you want to play for hours. Better then playing at the fishmonger !!
'Bonjour Madame, quel rouge à lèvres voudriez-vous essayer today ? "
"Celui là, le grenat,  vous va à merveille."
Merci Madame, Have a good day !"

Once you bought a full truck of cosmetics and make-up time to  take care of your outer body in another way: check out the parapharmacie in the PASSY PLAZA for a few good tips in one of those silly looking books !!
Makes you want to go on the slim side of things ?  I don't know why, I just DON'T look like any of those ostriches on the covers ! Musn't be for me , Thank that god God friend of mine . So, don't expect me to tell you what's inside, why don't you just go and buy it yourself and then leave me a comment so that it can be of use to the whole community of us, beautiful girafes !!!

While you're at PASSY PLAZA, you'll want to make a stop for H&M's 3€ tiny wincy little thinghies Frenchly called "string"; nothing to do with any musical item, you "dah" ! It's mainly the tiniest bit of fabric ever possible to kind of try to hide a smallish part of your mini bottom Honey. Get me on that ? But there fun !
Pink hearts ( just drop it on the table unexpectedly when having lunch with the most handsome man you can ever find and he'll have a fit ! I know, panties are supposed to be worn, but that is SO BORING ! Life is NOT meant to be boring.

AGATHA carries nice little jewellery for the price of a coffee, so instead of intoxicating yourself with a STARBUCKS colossal pint of roasted beans from intoxicated and totally drogued Colombia, you might as well carry a few fake diamonds from AGATHA or SWAROVSKY just in front. Far more exciting than buying a pair of GEOX ( right in front too ) which are suppposed to be a field of ventilated  holes ... for comfort as the ad says? But SO unglamourous, only fit to get the garbage out in the dark of night .

No worries ... ANN TUIL and it's full range of 450 € minimum heels and soles is right there out on the street. I know, you feel reassured, so am I .
Can't miss it, they're open even on Sundays in case you missed a pair.
Can always stop with your credit card on your way back from your Boulogne jogging just before market time on the Place de PASSY. Never loose a second; that's a good girl !

PATRICK GERARD is the prince of cool casual wear with a feminine touch. A subtle mix , subtle way of making you buy the whole outfit ( there are at least 5 layers to wear)  . Clever . And great. You'll be sure to get a few compliments; so why postpone that moment ?

Robin Wright - Campagne Gérard Darel

Gerard DAREL is another favourite of feminine cool wear. So is PAUL and JOE SISTER.

COS, the working women line from H&M  has just opened a few yards away. Grey store there again; I told you, PASSY has turned all Grey .

You thought that was Basquiat in a new tag mood yet unheard of ? No, Kiehl's.
Forgot to tell you that Kiehl's has come to save our skin .
"A company with a conscience"

Your skin is taken care of. What about your home ? Between l'ENTREPOT, a bit on the sloppy side at ZARA HOME as shown above, the contemporary and cheap priced items of  POTIRON at La Muette and high end VILLA DEMEURE on the rue de l'Annonciation, you're all set.

L'OASIS is the best florist in the neighbourhood but its art is not limited to just the XVI th. The boutique is an invitation to travel, there is a Buddha in one corner invading  you with serenity , the high walls are of a matt black and the combination of flowers is extremely original: from dark aubergines and prunes to the purity of royal lilies and obedient orchids.


L'ENTREPOT in colour !

Time for a "crêpe" and a bollée de cidre down that tight little street rue de l'Annonciation.

This picture on the right was taken in Honfleur but in fact you can't make that much of a difference between the crêperie in Passy and that quaint little restaurant in Honfleur, can you ?

They're both charming places which make you forget the bustle of a city.

I hope by then you have made all your shopping and that your chauffeur all clad in grey is waiting for you at La Muette with the hood of the Super Huge Grey Hummer gastly wide open like a shark, ready to engulf the Mango, Paul and Joe, Bel Air, Tara Jarmon, Gap, Body Shop and Nature et Découvertes shopping bags !

See you around for another shopping spree. First I'll let you take the time to explain to Darling Boy where you spent your afternoon !

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