Sunday, November 7, 2010


Well ? After such a rainy day, why don't we desert Paris and fly towards warmer and sunnier horizons .
A bunch of sugar cane...  so what ?
Trying to impress me ?

What on earth could be made of sugar cane and be divine ?

Ouh ! This is drastically getting better.

What on earth could look so turquoise and so divine ?

There it is !!!!!!!

 Martinique's absolutely divine Ti' Punch and all it's other out-of-this-world cocktails :

I shouldn't be giving you the secret of my Happiness, should I ?

Blue like the  Rhum Clément

After such a day, would it be such a terrible suggestion as to drop by this charming Habitation Clément for more tasting ?

The door is open : you're welcome !

Dinner is ready

and then let yourself drift to a comfortable club armchair, zouk music playing, warm breeze coming in through the blinds and then total bliss is not finished, there it is :

You're being offered a whole selection of "vieux rhums" . Isn't it heaven ?

You forget the rain by now, didn't you ?!

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