Thursday, November 11, 2010


As far as colours, hues, tones, moods go, he's rather the King .

He would have been a stunning Interior Decorator, the ONE of all times !
I would have picked him as my own Interior Decorator for sure. As well as my Landscaping Decorator.

Monet had no idea of what he would be involved in when in winter of 1893, he decided to create a water garden which he turned from a muddle of trees and bushes into a pond with waterlilies and Japanese irises with a bridge across the stream for which he had to fight like a mad man with his neighbour who had no better idea to attack him for stealing the water.


No wonder private collectors from the world over ( New-Zealand, Australia, Argentina ..) were eager to lend their precious possessions for such a rich exhibit of more than 180 masterpieces; most of them never gone public before. It's once in a lifetime that one has the chance to see such a Collection. They'll be too soon back out of the country.
Don't mess up as the queue is miles long and get an on-line  "Coupe-fil" ticket . It's so cool to go right up the stairs right in front of everybody withour any queuing up !  The calendar is pretty busy so plan in advance as it will stop January 24th, 2011.
The website is fabulous with great pictures, if you have time to go through the whole video.

The pond is encased in greenery, the lilies spread over its surface.
MONET was also the king of landscape gardening for all we know.
MONET wanted to express fluidity, uncertainty and the subtle gradations of color which shows in his waters, his skies, his reflections of clouds and in the chaos of plant life.

" I planted them for pleasure and grew them without even thinking of painting them.One cannot absorb a landscape in a day." Between 1893 and 1897, 4 long years, he painted only 3 minor pictures of the pond!
Only then did he have a revelation  "a world of translucent greens and mauves, and blooms reflected in the peace and silence of still water. The tones will be vague and so exquisitely subtle as to be dreamlike".


While MONET was working like a horse, we have nowadays our great and fun David HOCKNEY who, so fed up of cleaning up his brushes, decided to go at the age of 80 into the new technology !!! Astounding !

David Hockney's iPad art

David Hockney explains why the iPhone and iPad inspire him.

By Martin Gayford 10:57AM BST 20 Oct 2010 in The Telegraph

One day last summer I got a text message from David Hockney. It read: “I’ll send you today’s dawn this afternoon, an absurd sentence I know, but you know what I mean.” Later on it duly arrived: pale pink, mauve and apricot clouds drifting over the Yorkshire coast in the first light of a summer’s day. It was as delicate as a Turner, luminous as stained glass and as hi-tech as any art being made in the world today. Hockney had drawn it on his iPhone.

 He first started using that Apple gadget in late 2008. Since then he has produced hundreds of drawings on his iPhone and – beginning last spring – on his iPad, too. Some of these are on show in an exhibition David Hockney: Fleurs Fraîches at the Fondation Pierre Bergé - Yves Saint Laurent, Paris (Oct 21 to Jan 30).
“I draw flowers every day on my iPhone, and send them to my friends, so they get fresh flowers every morning. And my flowers last. Not only can I draw them as if in a little sketchbook, I can also then send them to 15 or 20 people who then get them that morning when they wake up.”


The fun of it is that home in Yorkshire he is currently working on  gigantic size paintings which will be exposed at the Royal Academy in 18 months. How can he adjust from so small to so big ?

David HOCKNEY prefers "to smoke and discuss love of life" then dwelling on any political matter. And as he says: " I'm totally deaf and noise bothers me " there you go for any uninteresting snobbish stupid social life which he leaves to Londoners, 4 hours from home. 

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