Sunday, November 28, 2010


Before December's count down strikes, there's only ONE week left for us ,  let's be honest , I'm sure you'll see my point, there's One and Only week to take full care of You, and Only You : this coming week.

And a day at a SPA could seem like just the right thing to do.
Now, comes the big moment of choosing one, and by that, I mean, tonight, before it's booked solid  by all those goats out there,  till February.

This week  is due to be cold, no matter what you do, "switching on the air-conditionning hoping it will get hot outside", "getting all the fireplaces in your home bursting out with fake fires and fake flames", who do you think you could ever fool ?

Cold is cold.

First, why don't you make yourself a tasty coffee to think it over : in our busy life, we tend not to take enough time to think, but here, take it, it's worth it.

What are you dreaming of ?
What would be most pleasurable to You ?  What are you looking for when going to a spa ? Is it sensuality, pure pleasure, pampering, letting go, forgetting , serenity, tranquility , taking a break ? Once in a while it IS good to think it over.

So there are a few choices :

Heavenly Bali style ? Sounds nice enough.

 Or more urban outfit, Paris style ?

An in-between would do nicely too.

Maybe a heady and muscular body scrub would be a very good start to get all that virtual dirt out , but a mild scrub with candles burning will do as good.

Then , what about a divine, sensual and aromatic massage to let Heaven come as close to you as possible, that's better than ... you name it. For once, the choice is yours !

Sensuality, Pampering, Professional care is here at the Institut GUERLAIN who will meet your gold cravings ; the Spa is on the all gilt tasselled 1st floor. Enter the world of Guerlain Spa, where cutting-edge innovations unites with customisation, luxury, exotism and sensuality. Yield to the magic of the "Ultimate Experience" for 3 blissful hours.
Cocooning and tranquility with a revitalising body massage, manicure and pedicure: emerge replenished in a state of complete serenity; a whole new you.

Now you're ready for that .  I know, doesn't happen that often in Paris !

This is the week to get all your cashmere throws out on your sofa, on the arm of your most comfortable armchair, on your bed. This is the week when you light a large candle in every room of your home as soon as dark hits your windows, just to feel a little more cosy. This is the week to leave on all the night tables a small bouquet of white freesia for its delightful scent. This is the week to light a white candle also at breakfast time, on your table, to pour out a fresh orange juice for everyone in you most delicate crystal glasses.

Enjoy !

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