Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Or fleeing to the flea markets ...
For you, the lucky and organized who jumped on the occasion of a 4 day week-end, and as you well know the week-end will be pretty shitty weatherwise, why don't you venture to Porte de Vanves or the Puces de Saint-Ouen or the Brocantes de Popincourt for a little bargaining and for some good finds and for some good fun.

Going Bargain Hunting is a game, it's joyful : you come to see all sorts of things you couldn't even imagine existed.

A find at the PORTE DE VANVES.
Every Saturday and Sunday you'll discover the treasures of about 380 stalls.
Check out their very friendly web site that will even give you the hotspots around.

Puces de Saint-Ouen.

You'll go as much for the treasures as for the cool atmosphere and the charming tiny little alleys. It's a world of its own. Have a look at the vendors, they have strange and interesting faces, they all know each other, have coffee over at the neighbour's stall, chatting away over "la crise: les Puces, c'est fini".
Great for vintage clothes too even though it has become so fashionable these days.

Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

All clad in kaki colours in your Barbour, rubber boots on,  you're almost ready for it.
Just a few tips for some good bargain hunting.

- Don't necessarily buy the very first day you venture to the Flea Markets; just enjoy the day, observe what is on the market, ask for a few prices here and there, take it all in: the atmosphere, your preferences.
After a few times, you'll get the hang of it and will have developped an eye for the bargain.
Wouldn't you hate it if you had paid 15 bucks and next time around, it went for 6 ? Rrrrr....

- Think differently : how an item could be turned into something else. It could be a mirror used as a tray, glasses made into candle holders.

- Look for wooden pieces which could have a second life with a coat of paint : frames, consoles, lamps, small night tables, baskets.


Rue de Popincourt, rue Neuve, rue du Marché and rue Turnaux, Paris 11éme.
With such names as "Alasinglinglin", "Belle Lurette", "Déviations" and "Trolls et Puces", you're sure to have fun !

- Have cash with you ; little notes and coins. So helpful to the seller.


Have fun !

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