Monday, November 15, 2010


François-Régis DURAND ,49.

" Travelling means also knowing when to stop."
What the hell does he mean ? I bet this picture tells it all. A look. An emotion.

Don't you just melt with tenderness when looking at such a picture ?

That's François-Régis Durand's meaning behind " you meet people". I bet you do. I'd love to know what they said to each other , that kid and that French man. Did they talk about their lives ? "How are you doing at school ?"
 How on earth could that kid have any chance to go to school ?
In fact, behing every photograph of a person, there is an encounter.
François-Régis worked nightly for 20 bloody years in an industrial  photo laboratory so that he could live his passion by day. Isn't that commitment ?

It's never too late to live your passion. Remember that one. It works for everybody else.
François-Régis's story is also the one of a dream which took a little longer to come to life, a bit like a fairy tale: you never thought it would happen to you . One of his photographs was chosen for a prize and there you go, he's now one of the focus at PARIS PHOTO. Glad to hear it.

Young Sweetheart. No shoes my Darling, but such a beautiful hibiscus in your hands You Lovely !And such gentleness in your eyes....  Peace .

As you can gather, he didn't shoot Paris life but went quite far, as far as  Madagascar. These pictures reflect also a pause in Time. Heat, dust and peace right out of these people's hearts. I'm sure you feel it too.

This wonderful and so sensitive artist gives us such a valuable present : an emotion at a given time.

François-Régis would love us to feel that emotion through his technique. We're in the "feeling" of what he has lived, ' feeling" , nothing else.

That's precisely it. Just for that single reason , I will DASH to PARIS PHOTO.

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