Sunday, November 14, 2010


What is RED to you ?

Sexy or Fatale ?

RED was this morning for me a long, scarlet, elegant and proud RED ROSE gently dipping  her long stemmed leg in crystal pure water in a long narrow vase in the middle of my coffe table. There was a little white note at its feet : " It's for you, from P.H."

It was " GOODNESS day " in France yesterday. The most generous and caring friends of mine had a dinner yesterday evening and they had scattered little goodness cards everywhere in their appartment; from the doorway to the coffee table, it came right out of their hearts, and they handed each lady a beautiful royal RED ROSE. Tha't really Goodness day as I love it !

Which woman can honestly say she has never worn any RED ?

RED is like a very neetly DESIGNED red mouth :

Sexy or Fatale ?

Be it on a blond or fiery brunette RED makes you happy straight away, for the wearer as to the person looking at you. RED is striking, it does make a statement; don't we like that ?
There should be a RED lipstick day. I'll subscribe !

"Red has guts, deep, strong, dramatic" that's the Rosso Valentino, a geranium red, a Goya red.

Red is decisive and intense : just like a Red Ferrari. You see, men like it too.

Even the Eiffel Tower wore red once, she played the Valentino girl : this extraordinary appearance happened in 2004 when for the 1st time, France decided to celebrate the Chinese New Year. No comment .

I prefer that charming picture. Looks like the Plaza Athénée's umbrellas... as if it could ever rain out of the Plaza ! Nonsense.

I am lucky enough to pass just right there every morning off to work and it is a heart beating moment to watch tourist faces when they come out the metro at Trocadéro : expectant and thriving faces, impatient attitude, bodies slightly bent forward, not knowing exactly where to look at , "where is she ?" ....
They step forward along the Palais de Chaillot, still not in view of the Grande Dame, and then SUDDENLY, a Huge shout, a Strong squeeze of each others hand, a Deep hawk, eyes Wide opened, in Total awe when their eyes HIT  the famous and long awaited view. Gives you goose pimples.  

Charming Plaza Athénée, " almost home, but Still better than home".
It's that kind of special place, it's as if the staff could read your mind; it's so perfect.

The Plaza Athénée's Chef Patissier Christophe Michalak has concocted for us a special for this Fall :
5 origins, 5 flavours, 5 shapes :
Pear, Chestnut, Chocolate, Mango and Coffee.
Sorry for that digression, but I couldn't help it.

Chestnut : a white meringue hedgehog made of baba au rhum with a vanilla Chantilly and chestnut bavaroise. 
Isn't that to die for ?

Café : a pine nuts airy dacquoise clad in a caramel fondant topped with a light Colombian coffee mousse.

Mango at it's best : an exotic fruit biscuit base with vanilla fluffy sabayon topped with a delicate banana, mango and other exotic fruit gelée.

See, it's for your sake that I had to squeeze those photos in. Imagine not knowing about that ? You'd kill me for it. 

Now that all my blogger friends are mouth watering over those images, you might as well plan your February escape or let's put it another way : the fast track to total well-being : the Murano Hotel in Marrakech all clad in RED ! 
The MURANO Hotel in Marrakech

Or if you're into a more urban-sea mood you might consider hopping to Miami to The Townhouse :
fun, flirty and flipped-out, it's a  high energy minimalist hotel with oversized poufs in the bedrooms, soundtracked with the latest Miami tunes on each floor and stocked with comics and magazines in the corridors.

The Townhouse in Miami designed by India MAHDAVI.
 The queen sized waterbeds on the rooftop terrace and the tower holding in its vault  a waterfall complete with soothing sounds makes the Townhouse one of the hottest and chilliest places to hang-out on Miami Beach.
Booked your trip ? Better be quick, now that everybody else just read my bla-bla.

I you HAVE to remain in PARIS, please note that there are some RED fatal attractions too, which might lighten up your sorrow : right there:

Wouldn't you kill  for the those smashing  red soles from Sweet buddy Christian Louboutin ?

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