Thursday, November 25, 2010


Are you like me ?
Trying every minute to find a good excuse to have a great time ?
Well, there's a good enough one :  Xmas spirit starts NOW, right ?
So, how are we going to start that wonderful month of December ?
I think one of the best ways to start your wonderful Xmas time is by having the most elegant of drinks in one of the most elegant of Paris palaces .
Be kind enough to wait for the SHANGRI-LA PARIS to open its sumptious doors on December 17th, 2010. And as we are of the kind breed, we'll let them a few days to know how to take orders and to chill up the champagne !


No other palace is as highly and fabulously placed in Paris. Set on tip of the Butte de Chaillot, with breathtaking views on Paris and its spectacular monuments : the iron-clad  iconic tall lady, see who I'm talking about ?, the curvy little stream down the road, the heavy white meringue always on watch  over Paris far away in the distance of the 18th arrondissement, God's biggest headquarter all stone white on its little island of La Cité, and last but not least, the museums's treasure chests of the imposing Trocadero.

The SHANGRI-LA PARIS : East meets West in the most beautiful way : Asian hospitality meeting with French art de vivre. This is total elegance, total "raffinement". Can't get any better in this world.

Don't think for 1 second that I am the author of those charming drawings, because I'm not, unfortunately.

A few facts :
81 rooms, 27 suites, a 16 meters long pool on the roof , just like at home ! ( picture the view ?), and gastronomic restaurants : when the best of Cantonese cooking meets French cuisine . Both restaurants will open in 2011. You will be able to head to the Bar as well as La Bauhinia restaurant.

But "no worries" , the bar will be open ! Definitely so !
Don't forget to take your kids with you, 1st, the're human beings, 2nd, they might enjoy luxury as much as you do, you jerk, and 3dly, you'll enjoy being with them !

More good Xmas spirit tips to come but life too hectic right now; so give me a few days !

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