Sunday, December 5, 2010


"I'll be there, waiting for you"

Just imagine for one second that when you wake up, right there, in your bedroom, you open your sleepy eyes on such life, on such good temper, on such good vibes ! Ready for a whole new day ! A sunny one ! A happy one ! This is all about Annita ROMANO .

I'll let you in on a few of  ANNITA ROMANO'S wonderful art pieces, I'll let you discover her magic world at GALERIE ARCANES .
An array of pearls of all colours, of all shapes and textures, these intricate pieces of fabric of different origins, stitched together with the know-how of Brazilian women and holding such a tender and poetic promise :
"I'll be there, waiting for you"

The enchanted and loving world of darling and so smiling Annita ROMANO sounds also like her other works too :

"Don't worry I'll be fine"

"I made this for you" and like "Will you dance with me ?" just below
"Will you dance with me ?"

 One piece of art requires 3 months to come to such a vivid life, all the fabrics are chosen carefully by Annita, every pearl, ribbon, thread and then her strong imagination will combine bold and sophisticated, rugged and silky, plain fabric with printed one, which resemble very much her own country, Brazil with its high mix of different origins, with its rich and colourful traditions and rituals ; it's the carnival that you see in her work, it's the music, the danse which give her work such an enthousiastic feeling.

I suggest a visit to the Galerie ARCANES where you will be charmed by the authentic welcome of it's owner who is just like us, a woman of feelings, of "coups de coeur" as she has with Annita ROMANO who herself gave us the most pleasant and sweet welcome. A special thanks to her and great success for her 1st exhibit in PARIS  !

11, rue de Lille
75007 Paris

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Debby said...

Beautiful! Wish I had a trip planned. xo