Friday, December 31, 2010

COUNTDOWN : 3....2....1


Especially when you want to exceed your hosts expectations !

Rush first hour, meaning now, to the nearest florist and send a small bouquet of white flowers to each of your guests with a little white note :
" 9 p.m : your sidewalk "

What they don't know is that you have arranged for a white limousine to pick them up with a glass of champagne awaiting them in the car. That sweeping car will take them to your home where you'll greet your guests with another glass of champagne straight in the entrance hall of your home.

Your appartment will be only candle-lit ( have the firemen's number at hand ; not for a Chippendales number but in case of a fire starting ! Shit happens ! Happened to me on Xmas night ! So, you may believe me; I'm afraid !)
The chill lounge music playing it mildly for your guests to start to feel comfortable. You have asked you son's 20 year old friends to do the service : they are all clad in a white shirt and black slacks and they all look gorgeous, of course ! And fun !

Your table is set in white and silver and to make it easier,all the food comes from La Grande Epicerie : 1 stop and not the 14 stops I had for Xmas ! It's all there from sensational lobster to goose to foie gras and all the sweets you can ask for.

La Grande Epicerie de Paris

Easy as can be as you can even go on their "Boutique en ligne" and choose everything while staying nicely in bed !! Have a look at the bloggers's list too on the website.


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