Tuesday, December 28, 2010


The days after Xmas : definitely PIGS DAY .
A glance at the mirror only confirms what I presumed when gently squeezing my hips and tommy : bulges sliding from my grip . A real pig; there's nothing more to say.

In less than a week, another Himalaya of divine scrumpious and irresistible food to take in. How am I gone deal with that ?
So, I figured Boot Camp of my own to try to fight a few grams off.

On waking up to the sensual aroma of the Colombian coffee your husband took you to bed for a gentle "Good Morning" in return ( oh ! What's that rounded black ball smelling of chocolate right next to the mug ? Wey, wey, wey, just a truffle ! Darling husband still thinks we're in the middle of Xmas or whatever eating event there could be !)
So, what do you do ? Sip the coffee with an enthusiastic "Thank You" and handling your husband that one last chocolate truffle you hid at the back of the fridge for later on ? There's a good girl. I don't even dare imagine you might actually stick that chocolate moth ball into your greedy wide open mouth !

Start with a few relaxing and elongating movements like a cat , fold out your whole body outwards ... it'll give you the feeling of being as souple and lean as a hungry cat ... you see, you're already on the right track.
On stepping down out of your bed, a wide "Good Day to you Sun" will do  ( that's supposed to be a yoga mouvement).

Put your rollers on to get to the kitchen ( that's exercise, isn't it ?) and once arrived without any broken leg ... and no broken furniture  pour yourself that delicious detox wonder : tepid water with the juice of half a lime. Your liver will look 15 years old then. Almost ready for the full bar load of champagne to be poured down your throat at midnight on New Year's Eve.

Boot camp is not finished yet, so hang on, it has just started.
No snow out ? No rain either ? Well, you might have a hint of an idea of what's coming next ? Don't you ?
A run , a 1 hour jogging in Paris's streets or at the Bois de Boulogne or the Tuileries for a change.

You've shed about half a calorie by now ! Now finish off with a few AMAZING exercises meant to be done while at Xmas lunch, advertised by that so hilarious  blog http://www.brillerenville.com/.

Get a plastic turkey that you hold between your thighs and squeeze tight : 20 times. The inside of your legs have turned like Demi's in G.I Jane by now.
For the next exercise turn to the website above.

Refresh your mouth with a few spoonfulls of 0% cottage cheese : that's BREAKFAST !

This is enough for today otherwise you'll hate me !!!

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