Tuesday, December 7, 2010


" La Maison des Rêves " :
As the owner says " a dream is definitely something you live" ; sounds inviting enough; let's follow in his steps !
Already 2 hotels and "The Patisserie des Rêves" and now a new boutique where you will meet his soul : presents with meaning, elegant and classy home linen, a delicate olive oil bottle from Italy, an Indian shade or a Chinese ginger jar; every item tells a story , tells
of a country. Pierre Hermé, one of the kings of macarons has composed special chocolate, Olivia Giacobetti has designed an exclusive candle and a whole bath line .
" La Maison des Rêves" IS different, it carries good vibes , it's a boutique with another dimension. Perfect for this time of year in the frenzy of all that Xmas crazyness .
"La Maison des Rêves"
11 rue Coëtlogon
75006 Paris
01 45 44 16 79

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