Friday, December 10, 2010


Get down at Place de Clichy, if that subway station exists and then , to be sure to be in the know, you have to make a detour by the BAL before heading to the MASCOTTE on rue des Abbesses.
Le BAL, ball room sure it was, super media room you bet it is now.

A "Campbell's soup" can of photo, video, cinema and any other super concentrate of the new media is here. You were born in the 21st century, so you better give it a dig.

Enjoy the jewel of a bookstore; the quaint little British coffee shop stacked with the Welsh rarebit and chocolate bread.

Now that we gave a special look at the food, let's get back to more serious business : the actual jungle of the New Media :

"ANONYMES" : l'Amérique Sans Nom.

And last but not least, Bruce GILDEN and his Coney Island beach beauties!

I don't know why but after that site, I'm prepared for the hardest of boot camps !


6 Impasse de la Défense
75018 Paris
01 44 70 75 51

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