Sunday, December 26, 2010


My Little Xmas looked like this after my early morning jogging around the lake at Boulogne.

One of my great pleasures this year has been to  scrap book all my gift tags with collages that really had a link with each present and each person. Very time consuming as I had to dig in about a truck full of magazines but so much joy !

The BIG question after Xmas is : what did you get for Xmas ?
After the Wish List, there's the result: did anybody read your wish list and follow it ?

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Anonymous said...

oo la la! I have been inspired for next year! We had a quiet Christmas at our house with Dan and Kyra. White with snow, but getting more tonight. We are expecting a blizzard of 16 inches snow tonight!
Can't wait to read about your New Year's Eve plans!
Love and miss all of you!
Kris and Tacky