Tuesday, December 14, 2010


All right, Bulgari has invaded the GRAND PALAIS with his million dollar jewels no one can afford. It's as simple as that. So, tell us, when can we splurge and indulge. Well, I've got the perfect address for some cool, young, contemporary and charming jewellery.

Lilia DIMITRIEVA with her soft and charming and sincere smile under her dark gentle eyes, her girly fringe, the wildest and trendiest of astrakan coat with large blue confetis on it makes you melt before such talent too.

Lilia DIMITRIEVA elegantly and swiftly made her way to HAUTE CREATION JEWELLERY through designs for Versace, unique and exclusive creations for the families Windsor and Rothschild, via an enriching stay at HERMES, pacing down the quiet and serious corridors of the Présidence de la République Française, to the more gilded and ornate salons of Middle East clients.

In other words : Charm, Beauty, and Chic Glamour.

To die for ! "Venus"

"Orchidée" bracelet

Find out so much more about Lilia DIMITRIEVA and her poetic and enchanting world of jewellery on

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