Sunday, December 26, 2010


Now that Xmas is over, I can tell you the hell I went through to make a splash of a day ! 
12 stops in all , a 3 pages list ( only kidding !) :
- the regular food store , unavoidable. Boring, uninteresting, so better get it down 1st. Which I did. Blinis, fresh clotted cream, soft drinks.... bla,bla, bla. You know what I mean.
- the florist to pick a whole bunch of White Lilies, white roses, white amaryllis, light green eucalyptus, white orchids and small azaleas.

- the butcher for the foie gras; didn't have time to catch the train to the Périgord to choose the veined damn duck.
- a whole sea of oysters ( fine de claire N°2) straight from the best waters of Brittany along with a few bright orangy-red-rosy shrimps.
- Petrossian for the king of salmon: the "Royal", s'il vous plait. Skipped the caviar this time, didn't get any bonus this year; thank you Mr Maddoff .

- Brie de Melun for a change ( even tastier than the Meaux), an 18 months old fruity Comté to die for, a few greyish whitish goat cheeses from the Niort and Touraine, a gooy and bleuy Gorgonzola spreading all his creamy blue fat all over my cheese board.

A real guided tour around France picked by Androuet.
- Brazilian coffee grinded right in front of you at the "torréfacteur"; what a big word for a few coffee beans.
- Grand Lapsang Souchong at the Palais des Thés where they always try to impress you with their 250 boxes all looking alike. A real maze. Who know, maybe half of the boxes are empty but how could you tell ?
- "Les Merveilleux" for the exquisite and most divine Xmas "bûche" I've ever had.

Whenever you see that sign, you HAVE to get in and try there pastries.

A meringue layered with lightly beaten chocolaty fresh cream and topped with chocolate chips.

Impossible to resist. And part of the pleasure is to see them elaborate  the cake in front of you: the meringue on one side, the huge bowl full of cream and mounds of chocolate chips. Ouh !!!
- the bakery for ... well, even at Xmas time you need the "Passy Passion" baguette ( a mere 1,40 €) from Desgranges and their "pain d'épices" for the foie gras.
- And with all this , aren't you drinking anything ? A stop at the wine cellar for some champagne rosé, white Puligny-Montrachet, Meursault and red Les Hauts de Smith.
- "Régis" on the Rue de Passy  for their scrumptious "marrons glacés" and dark chocolates or otherwise how could we ever serve coffee ? It's incredible how people are still hungry by the end of that wonderful meal !
There's even some space saved for the exceptionnal old rhum Clément ! Ouh ! And for a cigar !
- I almost forgot the fruit stand for the clémentines and fresh herbs.

I'm done. I'm exhausted, and it hasn't started yet ! Now anybody can understand why the host is falling asleep right in the middle of that feast !

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Un sacré beau Noël ! Merci. Gaille