Friday, December 31, 2010


Major question :

"Should I change our bed sheets tonight or tomorrow ? "

Well, well, well, what a philosophical question to ask at this time ! What a preposterous and stupid dilemna !
You definitely must be blond. Well, I am... Sorry about that .

So, let me describe "The" dilemna in hand :
usually, I change the bed sheets on Friday morning ( stopped changing them twice a week now that I don't have a full-time maid, nor even a maid anyway !) BUT
- would it be nicer to change them tomorrow so that the year starts off with a new set of voile bed sheets from D. Porthault of course, where else ? !
- or we can imagine that the year really starts at 12 and then it will much better to slip in new sheets right in the middle of the night.

I've opted for that choice.

From Verdigris Vie

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