Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Still frantic cold in Paris. We were into pampering in the last days of November, but what about a good half hour of well-being this evening ? Such an offer can't be cast away with a gloved hand.
Let's conquer this wild savage cold by a warm and comfortable bath. Anybody ?

Can you hear  the Hot water burbling with a glob of  that awesome green bath foam from Badedas straight from London ?
Light your whole bathroom with  candles (I didn't say lit it on fire Sweetheart )  , let the divine voice of La Tosca or the sensual voice of Natalie Cole reach you to the bone . And now, all make up off ( Crealine is the top make OFF ) , then a light facial scrub ( don't you dare head to the kitchen and make a scratchy and oily mud pie of sugar with olive oil ) , get all this Paris pollution off, then indulge into that pure, soft, super ghost white winter nourishing wonder called generally "mask" and slide like a mermaid into your inviting new Winter pool.                      Well, that's better than nothing !

It reminds me of a stellar cool night up in Chichicastenango in the middle of nowhere in Guatemala where we were staying in,  I believe,  the Best hotel. Us, French fazools with 1 year old kids travelling amongst those "people", you bet that our husbands played it safe with their sophisticated foolish (already ?) parisian ladies ! As if we couldn't adapt !! Ugh !

So, we had dinner in the cozy colonial patio and after a nice and chilly bottle of Spanish Codorniu champagne ( the bottle looks like the Dom Perignon, but God, what a far cry from it , but champagne is a must, ANYWHERE in the world.... to us ! ), and after a crimson bottle of red blood, we headed to our room down the patio.
No keys to the door.
Feeling the wall to set the lights on ... But, No lamps, no light.
Instead,  ...
High candles on the mantlepiece, candles on the night tables, a lit fireplace twinkling and wispering in the half dark room, pale stars painted on the ceiling, an  inviting opened bed with a chocolate on the pillow.
In the "Best of Nights" list, it holds the 1st rank.
Unexpected, and damn exotic, fiery Romantic.   No pictures, private. Sorry !

Not that I would like to take you back to reality, but the next morning, as all the early birds who read the same and universal guide book on Chichicastenango ( after all, you go that far, you might as well play the game, so, that means a very early start, and THIS is NOT romantic to me !) , we were trodding at the market looking at mounds of fresh flesh reaping with blood on the stalls

, incense dizzying us, the 1 year old kids fleeing from one place to another and playinf hide and seek in the heavy smoke, and us , with our barely 2 hours sleep( wonder what we did, hey ?) trying to find all those  pittoresque scenes of terrible tribal masks quite "lovely" !

Sorry, I just took you travelling but a bit too far from our Paris land of well-being and of a quiet and peaceful evening and night !
At least it didn't cost you a penny and you might end up booking a trip to Guatemala ! 

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