Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Mid week, and before all those 8 kids of yours hassle you, do as I do :

pamper yourself ... before the "war" :
- wake up gently to the sizzly flavour of half a lime, juiced and hand pressed down a warm water filled crystal glass : in plain words : detox (so poetic !).
Then :
- head to your friendly mirror ( you know what I'm talking about, the "enlarging one ") in your favourite bathroom ( thank you, I've got only one !) and dab your sleepy fingers in that old pot of heavy cream ( no, not the one in the fridge ) , make it a Clarins , that will do nicely, and start one of those magical auto facial massage that will give you a mere five hundred years off your face . I really wonder why all my friends go to so much hell with Botox, Stupidox, Awfullox and spend fortunes and waiting lines at the Derm and all those headaches going  through their filofax in a frenzy to see "when " they can fit in an appointment ,  instead of filling their closets with heavenly  dresses, ( see for that matter a few blogs on my blog)

So, back to the facial massage.

Oups ! Sorry ! Got the wrong image !

Now, that's enough .

Back to serious business :

An auto facial massage reads more like this, if you want to look your best, even on a Wednesday ( as if there was an appointed day to look gorgeous !)  :
- Warm up a small dab of cream into the palm of your hands and gently pull your hair Pocahontas style that is by the end of your pony tail so that it smoothly wakes up your entire scalp, until your fingers glide through, and your hair falls down again, like a maidens tail. It will revive your scalp and let away all Alzheimer's look alikes from getting near you.

- With the tip of your slender fingers ( remember, we're not on the farm, we're in plain old Paris) , from back to front, massage your scalp in slow rounded movements... don't fall asleep, you damn thing, it's morning,dah !  and a heavy day in front of you ( more of Xmas shopping, food shopping etc..)
The tip of your fingers slowly reach down your forehead, temples, cheeks, nose, ears and hair roots.

I prefer my method :

- a whole handful of fingers battled up right in the middle of your fore head and sliding them outwards toward your temples, repeated a few times, helps keep away any headache and any or those rotten wrinkles.

- your darling fingers set on your temples and slowly moving into a circular motion counter clockwise will set you in a pre- dreamy state. Nice enough. We're almost through.

And, as I really think I look like an old cow, I need to place all my 10 fingers down at the bottom of that chin of mine and walk my way through to my ears following that still firm but soon frail line of my jaw.
And best of all, the most relaxing and beneficial and magical move is :


- place your finger - army right in the middle of your forehead, right above your nose and "lift up" your "due soon to come wrinkles" with quick swift moves up to your hair roots.
Your back to "Young Kingdom" : Have the nicest of  days !

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