Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Time enough for your Very Special and Very Own Xmas 2010 Wish List. If you don't write it down, who do you think will write it for you ? Da.... Come on, pen and paper.

Sounds very much like an ideal alphabet which runs like this :
A  - An Azzedine ALAIA super highly sexy stretchy skinny divinity of a dress.

B- like a fab pair of Manolo Blahniks  
or some little gems lost on the high road like BULGARI's :

C- like anything from CHANEL : to keep Winter back, nothing like Chanel .

And a special authorization to sip a glass of CHAMPAGNE every day as does Mr Taittinger himself .

D - Dip into DIOR's Cinderella evening dress exclusively made for you ( don't believe that crap though).... if your wallet transforms itself into a pumpkin, make do with DIOR's "Montaigne" special edition Paris grey  nail polish.

Dior "Montaigne"

E - could sound like the ELDORADO. What's yours ? Never found it yet.

F- Like a huge FLOWER bouquet  you'll receive every week of this year, that's a kind of luxury one never dares offer oneself. Choose carefully the type of flowers : white for this week, then in the Fuschia colors next week, fragrance first the next etc.. That's a far more important agenda matter then the refurbishment of your home.

G - like the "G" point as they say in France. No comment !!!! Find out by yourself !

H - like a 10 000 € shopping spree to the nearest HYPERMARKET ; oups, no for God's sakes no. I meant of course to the nearest HERMES store, now that you have the choice between 3 stores in PARIS. Any need for the address ? I'm sure you have your i-phone already hooked on the newest address, rue de Sèvres.

I - like anything "IT" : "it" bag, "it" boy, " it" destination, "it" ballerinas. "It" makes it .

J - like JAIPUR for some extraordinary gems shopping, sari shopping, for some staying in the whitest amber palaces, and for some "out of this world" discoveries.

For the night

And for some shopping
K - for an unusual KELLY bag; one of those which only appears at auctions at three times the regular price: that's being one of a kind.

L - like a weekly suscription to a LIMOUSINE awaiting you every Thursday morning at 11 a.m and taking you for a full day of whatever you feel like and smoothly driving you back for cocktail hour.

M - for a Mega Monster Mayo jar; oups, sorry I meant a Mega Monster MANOR  of a house, down the Luberon, for example. La Madone.

La Madone in the Luberon
66 Faubourg du Ballet
84400 Apt en Lubéron
06 86 73 39 32

Chambre "Renaissance"

N - like a whole NIGHT out in a closed department store like the Printemps and with only 1 activity in mind : buy all you can get. Open Infinite heavy black card in hand, what I mean,is, a no limit credit. Sounds good to you ? Definitely so to me. We start from the top floor down or the opposite way ? Shoes 1st ?

O - OPERA to sing your heart out for about a whole year : your classical ones, the new ones, a few surprises too ( ask the Fnac or Virgin pros for advice; they're good).Singing is breathing, so good for you. Go on, mooh !

Q - like a new QUOTE  for every day. I innocently left in that special place at home where everybody goes to but that I won't name, a little red book " a positive saying for every day". And my best surprise was tha tmy own husband has taken the vow to read one saying a day !    I thought he would rather say " What's that shitty book of yours, couldn't find anything better and funnier ?" Well, life is full of surprises ! Good ones at that.

R - "It's not true I had nothing on, I had the RADIO on." Marilyn Monroe.

S- like a SMILE ; smiling at life, smiling to the garbage man, smiling to your newspaper man, smiling to your colleagues, smiling to your neighbour, smiling to your family, and smiling to you, in the mirror.

T - like TRAVEL or anything close to that word. A yearly subscription to  TRAVEL AND LEISURE  with the flight tickets attached at the back of each magazine ; because they offer the perfect escape, or so they say. But even better :  a look at TRUFFLEPIG, The Sounder web site. I won't say more, I'd rather you  discover it by yourself. Just amazing. One of my daily digs.


U - like a severe case of UGG envy : the most un - stylish boots ever, the most un-lady like, the most un - sexy like, the most ugly, the most beary like, URGH should they be called.
But..... when snow is about to pop up on Paris streets once again , all the girls get their sheepskins horror on.
I might do that too but divorce will be hidden in the sole. So, I have to balance the sheep against the boar ?!!
Thank God, he never reads my blog.

V - like VIP : YOU.

W - like a WEEK - END at home but not totally at home. Feel the chic and quiet luxury of a little boutique hotel nicely hidden behind the trees of the Place Saint Sulpice and make yourself at home (except you might be only a few miles from home), which you'll surely do with the welcome under happy jazzy accents, You'll see Paris differently, walk leisurely down the streets.


3 bis, Place Saint Sulpice
75006 Paris

X - XMAS. MERRY XMAS to you all !
Y - like YIELDING  to all your cravings. Oscar Wilde was good at it, so you might as well. Doesn't hurt !
"You CAN have it all. You just can't have it all at once. "

"Y" is "YOU". Need I say more ? This coming YEAR is for YOU. Make it a point. YOU'll make everybody happy around you, as YOU will be happy yourself it will rebound on all around you. Believe me.

Z - shitty letter. sounds like an Z, reads like an Z, looks like an Z, feels like an Z. It's an Z.

Nothing left for that one.

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