Saturday, January 1, 2011


Before our SUPER ENORMOUS WELCOME TO 2011, let's get a last glimpse at 2010 and it's BEST OF LIST.

- The MONET exhibit was a splash of colour no top Interior Decorator will ever beat !

- PARIS's streets have been hell for our stilettos this Fall with all that snow and I bet it's not over yet so do like me , get rid of all those choos, louboutin's and little friends..... No more sparkle in my step, no more crystal panache, Good Bye Footwear fancy !

Dream boot to the extreme with Christian L...!

Sweet memories of Swarovskis, feathers and skyscraping sandals from Sergio R..., Pierre H...and Giuseppe Z.....!

- The extravagant elegance of the SHANGRI-LA which opened a fortnight ago.


- A pouring and rainy but divine week-end in ROME : most romantic and charming city , even for a Parisian ! We had it all : the storm on landing at Leonardo da Vinci's airport ( done by him? he's a king of everything that man !) , the horrendously long waiting time to dive head first into a taxi, dumping the drenched umbrella in the driver's neck, the sogging coat 100 % humidity and no longer 100% cashmere , the swelling and totally deformed shoes ( no longer velvety but cringy and soaked through pieces of old unrecognizable cardboard (thought I would buy a dozen on arrival, but in fact, no time for that).

Still raining .....
but my camera is my friend; it doesn't show !
A copper coin lightly thrown over your left shoulder and there you go, you'll get all the luck of this world for 2011 ! at the TREVI PIAZZA .

Still raining......
A detour VIA CONDOTTI for some crazy Italian shopping ( Ferragamo, Fendi, Zanotti, Versace, Valentino, Gucci, Prada ... do I really need to give you the list ? But of course, a stop in the Hotel de Russie's lush gardens first ; we had it all to ourselves, the rain scared all those elegant host-birds away. There were only 2 courageous ( or desperate ) left  : us.

Still raining .....
PIAZZA DE ESPAGNA at sunset... Still raining !

- IRRESISTIBLEPARIS celebrating November 28th its 1st year and I as a newborn blogger when one year before I hardly knew what a blog was;I should be ashamed of admitting such idiocy  I've come a long way fellows ! Didn't dare add a counter before end of August so as not to face reality, that no one ever read my blog which I take so much care to pamper ! It's ok, people DID go visit my blog ! That was the good surprise !

It was a GREAT YEAR !

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