Friday, January 7, 2011


Blasting news !
Incredible news !
Unbelievable news !

One of the Chateau de VERSAILLES's buildings to be turned into a HOTEL ?
Versailles already had to deal with the mega plastic lobsters created by Jeff Koons, the purple horses of Xavier Veillant and the acrylic manga colored creatures of Murakami, but now, VERSAILLES and the poor miserable Louis Soleil might have to face actual hosts that stay for the entire night and even more !

I bet Ducasse will want to handle the menu ! ( poor him, the rumor, and only the rumor has it that he would like to be at the head of the Mandarin restaurants opening Spring 2011 in Paris. Can't anybody let him alone for one second ?!)


I can't say that I wouldn't want to spend a night there; not to feel like a king, no shit ! 23 rooms, high class, no need to say.

More news as soon as I get some  through Hoosta Magazine, the king of great news !

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