Tuesday, January 11, 2011


"Infancy is a knife stuck in your throat. One doesn't get rid of it easily."

What about this for a start ? Feel the goose pimples down your spine ?

"INCENDIES" by Denis VILLENEUVE from a work by Wajdi MOUAWAD.

Story board :
Twins Jeanne and Simon learn by the testimony left at their mother's sudden death that they DO have a father and an elder brother, whom they both thought dead. Nawal's last wish was for her twins to find them back and hand them a letter.

What goes on in a child's mind when he learns that after all, such close and important people are actually alive ?
Follows a trip through the Middle East to Lebanon ( filmed in Jordan) in which they will slowly learn more about the person who gave them birth.

Mood :
Violence, the inner conflicts that destroy  human beings, finding your own identity.

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