Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I can't resist ; after all, MAISON & OBJET is closing its doors right now and as it is Interior Decoration week in Paris I might as well share with you a few of those Interior Decoration pictures I favour, some come probably from the wonderful blogs I follow with such pleasure, some might come from magazines.
I let you browse into my little personal album :

Chateau de Moissac
For it's natural hues, it's easy decoration, nothing pretentious. Rugged benches down from the farm at the end of the property, deep velvet cushions on it, that's easy enough and ... more comfortable for our small bumpy bums Simple china, off white, clear crystal glasses, candle holders, and a hearty fire in the fireplace.
Now, get hold of the chateau !! That's another story !!

Blakes Hotel London

Its whiteness and special mix of lines and more cushions you could ever dream of.

Blakes Hotel London

from Me and Alice

Because of it's natural and seemingly simplicity. Often the most difficult arrangement to get though.

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