Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Do you know the brand Knock Knock at the Conran shop on rue du Bac ?

January is THE month when we put every thing down again, when we plan to be slightly  more organized so that life will be smoother, will flow more easily.

But we still are ok with a little help here and there.

So, when I heard that wonderful little note on my i-phone meaning a post from "Penelopelovelists.com ( a blog I cherish ) was actually there to be discovered did I realize that yes, we do need to be more organized and it is a revolution in one's life.

Be honest, you will only remember the headline " To avoid entirely" !

This one's even better : that's "organisation" !!
Couldn't be better : hope you have a big garbage can !!

Got it ? That's being straight to the point . Does make life so much easier !
I'm sure you've always been good at multiple choice exams ! So was I !!

There's another one " You're on my shit list" which I will keep for a few enemies the day I get some !

Do you think all that was "Useless Info " ?
If you want to have a little fun tonight check their web site http://www.knockknockbiz.com/
where they "put the FUN in the functional".

Thanks again to http://www.penelopeloveslists.com/


Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

this is very interesting. i haven't heard of it before so thanks for sharing the links. i am a new follower of your blog--please follow me back! :)


richelle jean said...

haha i like this. i like organizing! i think it's fun.. most of the time. haha