Sunday, January 2, 2011


New Resolution for 2011: A NEW YOU. Why not ?

- There are always those few extra pounds hugging your thighs and no matter what, our new resolutions fade off by the end of the very 1st month.
So, I figured that with a few well chosen pictures one would want to look like that : 

(Copy that picture and glue it forever  on your alarm clock so that on waking up it justs bumps into your head as a good reminder of good things to come, on your kitchen door ( bump again), on your fridge ( bump again),  on your pack of candies ( oups ! bump again) , on your pancake mix (booh ), on your TV( no slouching like a potato option left), on your bathroom whale scale , on your sneakers ( yes, those hidden away with clouds of dust in that sneakers cemetary below the entrance sofa, yes, you're well right, the one you never look under ), on the Nutella jar ( "that" in My house ? Didn't know !), on all your pasta boxes, on the chocolate bars. Everywhere !!!!!!)

Cindy Crawford by Herb Ritts

But to resemble such a figure a little work out could be useful ! And .... there is no skipping exercise. So, there again, a few neatly selected photos might work for this year:

Gently start with arm exercises like Nicole Kidman does : no sweating, make up done; you see, it's not that difficult.  
Superb butt firmer exercise. I'm sure that seen like this it is far more appealing. If only after one session one could look like this ! Come on , let's do it : a serie of 25 slow ones followed by 25 quick ones then again a shot of 25 slow ones and last, another dose of 25 quick ones. Hell ! Same thing every other day during a month.
Come back to thank me please !

And last but not least, don't forget 3 times a week to go on your 1 hour jogging : you'll look like her !

I don't know why, but I'm pretty sure you don't believe a word I said !!!!

A simple way to make it easier is to plan the evening before the gym session that you will do : pick 10 efficient exercises for the next morning, so that when you wake up, there is no need to think about it. It's almost THERE.

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