Friday, January 14, 2011


Your hair : so precious, so unvaluable .

from Weheartit
Hairdressers are everywhere in Paris , as many as pharmacies; but in all this bustle to which can you safely lend your hair. Hair is our treasure and there is no way that anybody is going to ruin it .
Rino di Nicolo's salon is one of those extraordinary places where you feel good, where you feel home, where you feel protected like if only good can come out of  it, which is the case; there is a whole girly atmosphere, it's fun, there's always something going on as it is NOT a "shampoo - cut-and blowdry" salon.

Rino has always been ahead of times and of course brought to Paris the latest processes for hair styling like hair extensions, as well as the Brazilian technique for ensuring beautiful hair for a full 6 months as the "lissage" will do, it is a method of straightening your hair  !  ; what do you say to  that ?
He is the pro of Japanese lissage too.
Have a look at the website.

That's for hair extensions !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charlotte and Valérie are the queens of highlights, both blonds, both lively and lovely.

Patrick is a great hairdresser AND partner with Rino. They all ask the right questions so that nothing can go wrong.

You're safe ! And you'll come out like a queen ! Revived !

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