Monday, January 31, 2011


The new "IT" Lounge -Bar in Paris is not just in a regular bar of some sorts, not under a fancy bridge, nor in a Garcia hotel but onboard  l'ATELIER du FRANCE!

Why such a name ? Why such a place ?

Not onboard  any ship but the very ATELIER du FRANCE; yes, you heard me, the FRANCE, "THE" so famous French  streamliner. ATELIER du FRANCE is the latest Lounge bar to be anchored on Paris shores at the Port de Grenelle, just across the Maison de la Radio.

First get a good glimpse of THE place and of the FOOD ( important after all even in a mini skirt and high heel boots you still want to have a good bite, don't you ?).

A lightly cracking fire in the fireplace in Winter, perfect for this week's white and freezing Alaskan days.
A sunny terrace for these nearly there Summer nights ( always carry on hoping, it's good for you !), a harmoniously original wine list, Bellota-Bellota so onctious your tongue will gurgle some Spanish in a minute's time without a single flaw and with an extra ease in swallowing the "s"s  like the local Andalusan do, delicate and bite size sardines from Galicia with wonderful fresh and creamy butter from Bordier, a wooden board handsomely adorned with an army of  Bernard Antony's famous savoury cheeses, Ladurée will kindly hook its sweet and tender desserts and you won't resist the ravishing exotic and sensual melting feeling of Hevin's dark and spicy chocolates.

Doesn't it all feel just great for a RIVER AFTERWORK ?
And what's the story behind the name ?
L'ATELIER du FRANCE is totaly devoted to a huge and fatastic enterprise: building the new streamliner FRANCE, who has remained in every French person an intact legend. This new FRANCE will be the ambassador of the French touch on  a ship that will be the epitome of modernism and comfort.

Tell you friends, make them discover that special place.

Thursdays is  one of the best days from 6 till 11 pm, but it is opened from Wednesday till Saturday evening.

Pazris Yacht Marina
Port de Grenelle
75015 Paris
00 33 (0)1 40 58 00 33

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