Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Sweetheart, there is no way around it. Fluff is there, fluff you have to dump.
What I mean by fluff, is you know what, those extra grams shyingly and snuggly hidden on your thighs, hips, ear lobes and knuckles !

And as you deserve the best : the INTERNATIONAL  VIP  STYLE  DETOX  DAY is for you .... and obviously for me too. No comment.
But not any detox day : only HENRI CHENOT's from Italy.

Want to get a 20 year old stomach ?
Want to have a 20 year old skin ?
Want to have a 20 year old stamina ?

Read on then, or otherwise go to next post " CHLOE'S FAIRYCAKES" !!! God, I'm really awfull !

Henri CHENOT knows  all the jet set people on this earth, except me; haven't met yet, might be that I have a hard time throwing out 2370 € for a week of juices and veggies not including boarding and I'm not the type of girl to sleep in a kennel in the next door garden or under a bridge not even the Alexandre III bridge.

But there it is for you... and me :

First Step to "beautiful skin" ; not a well-kept secret anymore :

the juice of 1 lemon in a glass of luke warm water and please be patient, the whole secret lies in the fact that you do not go back to the evil-kitchen for a good half-hour before downing in your breakfast.

Breakfast by the way is no bacon and sausages but a glass of apple or carrot juice or 2 fruits with green tea. Say goodbye to friendly Colombian coffee beans for a day.

Forget about any sip of alcohol and soda for today's loooooooong looooooong day.

Second step to "purified inside" :

green raw veggies for lunch with a tear of olive oil refreshed by a squeeze of lime , 60 grams of whole rice and cooked veggies. Nothing to say to that , the saint that I am already serves such a healthy meal !!! Thank God nobody comes to see if this is real !!!
Right at this moment some zucchini and eggplant are cooking in my evil-kitchen but what you don't know is that I will add  a whole lump of divine gorgonzola that will melt just perfectly in that dish of mine !!!

And make every one happy and ...... FAT !


Third step to "perfect you" :

The evening is right there and the Martini on the Rocks will remain all dusty in your bar for another day or so as well as the Vodka tonic; if that's not a sad life ?

Tonight the program is : grilled or steamed vegetables with 200 grams of grilled fish or tofu.

Sorry no desert.

Good night !


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