Saturday, January 22, 2011


CARINE HAYOT and her amazing and vibrant mix of colour and texture:

I'll let you be judge . I just fell in love right away !

Bric à brac de l'atelier

The colours of a tonic life, the joyfulness of a happy life, what more can you ask for ?

Bleu / Absolument

All the blues from the Caribbean in large and powerful strokes which makes all Carine HAYOT's paintings so present and full of life.

I had a hard time choosing only a few of her paintings once I discovered and browsed through her website and I couldn't stop until I had gone through ALL her works !

Le banc des écoliers

Citrus, lemon, tangerine, honeydew, pineapple, plum , all those sensual colours all in one energetic shot ! Waow !

And then suddenly, a little more seriousness which I like very much too.

Eternel recommencement

All soft hues, pastels, delicate flowers as delicate and feminine as the painter herself.
When you'll browse through her web site, notice that in many of her paintings, you'll spot that delicate and long stemmed witty flower like a very subtle and discreet signature.

You lacked sunshine, there you have it, full bloom !! Gorgeous colours !

Guess what ? I'll even be kind enough to give you straight away Carine HAYOT's precious web site !

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