Sunday, February 6, 2011


Make your own little quest : Find one woman who doesn't like RED .

Make you own little test : find a woman who doesn't care for SAINT VALENTINE.

Women like to celebrate, women like to be pampered.

Saint Valentine's breakfast as seen on lovely blog Little Emma English Home

like on Little Emma English Home

An exotic version of Saint Valentine's day; maybe a little harder to plan !

This is the one I prefer in fact. Simple and yet so truthfull.

A few loving tips for Saint Vanlentine's day :
- On waking up, smack your bathroom mirror with your red lips ; He will understand .

- Cook hearted shaped pancakes and dab them with red strawberry jam and pour Him a glass of red pomelo juice. Coffee can't be red, so bad.

- During the day, send Him an e-mail with a red lettered message, stick to simple words which say it all.

- You have drawn a red heart with a red lipstick around your front door's  key hole.
On His turning the key , you greet  Him with a red martini , all clad in red with red nail polish on.

You have an envelope in hand. Looking right in His eyes, you hand it over.
 He opens it and it says :

" 7.45 pm
Port Henri IV "


 Saint-Valentin 2011 onboard DON JUAN II

La Saint Jacques
 crémeux d'avocat parfumé aux agrumes

Le Homard
en salpicon et perles d'Arenkha émulsion de potiron

Le Veau
mignon grenolata figue rôtie aux amandes et aux épices douces
mousseline de pommes de terre à la pistache grillée

Le Carrément Amoureux
Surprise griffée Lenôtre à savourer à deux


 295 € per person
Boarding : 19h45
Cruise from 20h30 till 23h30
Port Henri IV
75004 Paris
Tel: +33 (0) 1 44 54 14 70

Getting back home, you sort of see everything in RED :

Even your bedroom has turned RED in the meantime !

Good night !

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