Saturday, February 26, 2011


Make travelling a pure pleasure  and save a hundred hours or .... travelling in style.

What's the secret ?

  Avoid the baggage carousel . Never check a bag; you wouldn't like your latest monogrammed Goyard to be merry go rounding on those filthy gummy carousels, would you ? Another good enough reason : your precious luggage won't get lost ( no waste of time) and it will arrive the minute you land .



speedy windy hairy !

Carry-ons will do the trick for a 5 day trip.

Follow the magic list :

- 2  pairs of pants ( one is your most comfortable jeans if you get adventurous for a climb on the Macchu Pichu between 2 days of heavy vital meetings about the last colour in nail polish to be determined )
- 2 skirts... just to feel a bit more lady like and a go for your Walter Steiger pumps
- 2 jackets ... to feel serious
- 5 tops ( 3 for business, 2 casual), forget about the sequined tops this time
- 1 white T-shirt ( to be worn with a jean or under a jacket for business). Thank you Gap !
- 2 cashmere cardigans ( 1 black, 1 cream colored )
- 2 colored or printed scarves ( which will give your outfit an instant dashing look  )
- 3 sets of Jimmy's ( no , kidding) : one pair ballerina style on your feet for flying, one pair for business and one comfortable but trendy pair for pleasure and lounging on the top floor of the Grand Hyatt Shanghai bar
- 5 sets of silky super soft underwear ... That's my interpretation of lady travelling but good and sporty underwear from buddy Calvin will do very nicely too and being honest, far more convenient.
- 5 pair of socks and tights.
- a few pieces of inexpensive jewellery will give your figure a sophisticated and finished appeal.
- don't forget the mini umbrella !
- silky nightwear for gorgeous nights ... alone though. Snif !
and your chargers

And in your Chanel tote :

- your cosmetic kit
- your personal electronics
- a pashmina
- the whole stack of people , interior decorating and fashion magazines you can carry !
- a trench coat for a classy arrival à la Sharon Stone or lovely Audrey ( Hepburn )
- sunglasses, never forget you're a star !
- travel wallet might be helpful ( a few credit cards for shopping the 5th avenues of the world and a valid passport might open you the doors of another country )

But after all that babble, I still believe in :
- a valid passport
- a plane ticket
- a credit card

My way of travelling light ...

Bon Voyage !

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