Wednesday, February 9, 2011


All of us Girls are already fantasizing on the flowers, the huge "uncarryable" bouquet that our Sweetheart will hand out on Monday night.

By now, you must have understood that all those posts at the moment all very much on Saint Valentin's turf are an easy way to get a message through to our Loved ones; just let the computer open on my blog !!!!

So, after those crazy and sensual pictures of the finest Parisian lingerie, let's venture on Paris best florists territory and meet the Star of Floral Design Power, Jeff LEATHAM.

                                                             LACHAUME :

White lilies with stems the size of Russian top model daddy long legs, fiery red roses as eye catching as Louboutin skyscraper's shoe soles.
Motto : Excellence. There's nothing more easy than just one word; that one : Excellence !
LACHAUME is "Maître Fleuriste" since 1845, if you please. The pink marble, rock garden and frescoed boutique stands proudly on rue Royale.
It's serious flowers. You're in plain drama, this is a major engagement evening.

                                                                       MOULIE :

Extraordinary flower arrangements giving life to all the ministry palaces and embassies in Paris; so, let's follow them, they must be good judges. Can't be because they give them a mega discount !
Been in the business since 1870.
Motto : " A bouquet is always a personal affair."

                                                                  ERIC CHAUVIN :

the poetic interpretor of your tastes, colours and emotions.
Motto : unusual.

Eric CHAUVIN is a master in the art of equilibrium between spectacular and emotion with a twist of charming countryside spirit. You'll fall in love with the whole atmosphere, you'll feel suddenly younger and fresher like a teenager.
22 rue Jean Nicot
Paris 750007
01 45 50 43 51
                                                            CHRISTIAN TORTU :
creator of Floral Haute Couture notably for the Chanel and Céline fashion show podiums .
Motto : sculptor.
As a kid, poking his nose in the radishes and lettuce of his father's vegetable garden, he learnt everything regarding plants. 
Later on, he strongly disliked the fact that Paris florists treated flowers like dead objects : he angrily threw away the plastic wrap and the classic ribbon to embrace his darling stems with kraft paper, twisted branches and exotic foliage.

                                                 AND THE OSCAR GOES TO :
                                                         JEFF LEATHAM !
Artistic Director of the Four Seasons George V in Paris, Jeff LEATHAM is a total designer.
Motto : Bold statements with shape, color and simplicity to create a dramatic effect.

Just a mere 17 000 flowers each day at the George V ....
Almost home !

Browse through his 1st books for pure total floral bliss and breathtaking and unforgettable design essentials :

" Flowers by Jeff Leatham" and " Flowers by Design"

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