Monday, March 7, 2011


Every Parisian has seen at least once OTHONIEL’S yellow, blue, white and red beads… Where ? At the metro station “PALAIS ROYAL”. Those 2 cuppolas of Murano beads hanging over the stairs, that’s him.


Jean-Michel OTHONIEL is the highlight of BEAUBOURG from this month till May 23 rd, 2011, with a colourful exhibit of his works from 1987 to today; from tiny intimate and poetic works to gigantic and spectacular works; it’s a Froot Loops crunchy candy and next to prison-like Buren’s columns it’s pure smiling fluff .

Jean-Michel OTHONIEL is a player fo some sort, playing with words in the title of his works which range from “ the threshfold of a very long sorrow” to the “ boat of tears”, with the Murano beaded garlands representing the tears of boat people, which had made quite a striking effect at one of the Bâle Fair.
“Beauty cannot exist without its share of darkness” : is that really so ?
Convinced ? So, hop on the metro to Centre Pompidou


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