Friday, April 1, 2011


Fantastic new edition of ARTPARIS ! Fun people and mostly young at the opening, lively artists, no nonsense like the FIAC. Great event !

ARTPARIS off the walls : “MOVE FOR LIFE”

Art against poverty, violence, aids, environment and racism : 8 trucks decorated by artists as the likes of Robert RAUSCHENBERG, Jochen GERZ, BEN will travel Europe. some are already on the road.

So, if you happen to see huge trucks in the middle of Paris streets, don't be surprised.

Hide and Seek ? No, Liu BOLIN, the invisible artist.
Liu BOLIN with NINE DRAGON SCREEN going for 5000 €.
Liu BOLIN present at SHOW OFF in October is back with some new camouflages :

Liu BOLIN, the invisible man.


It’s all hazy in that forest of glass, all mystery.


Devastating stare of that little animal all abandonned in that huge crowd.



A deluge !

Rush before Sunday !

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