Monday, April 11, 2011



No better than Jean-Philippe DELHOMME for drawing all the beautiful people’s manners, from Paris to New York through Milan. He almost looks himself like one of his own drawings ; he just came out of it, dandy as can be !


Jean-Philippe DELHOMME takes his brushes about everywhere , travelling here and there, always carrying on his drawings his trademark lightness and subtle detailing.

In his own words “ My aim is to create the strongest impression with as little means as possible.I like it when one can feel the state of mind of one of my characters by little signs, like posture alone or by a slight detail on a face.”

Jean-Philippe Delhomme



See his description of Fashion Week on his blog The Unknown Hipster for a good laugh.

Jean –Philippe DELHOMME admits his being so Parisian ie : having that horrendous “mauvais esprit'” those Parisians have : always complaining, getting angry in a flash and agressive with everybody.

True that when abroad, only French people will be unpoliticaLly correct ; it makes a change amid all other tourists !

Jean-Philippe Delhomme

His drawings are witty and fun, yet realistic of our daily Parsian life through our codes in Interior decoration, our showing up at the trendy art fairs, in our clothes.

Jean – Philippe DELHOMME .

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